About Bambu

Just the Way You Love It since 2008

Bambu Desserts & Drinks was founded in 2008 in San Jose, California by four Vietnamese sisters—Anh, Kelly, Jenny & Julie. Their exceptionally friendly service and large menu of fresh, healthy and colorful Asian-inspired Chè, crisp boba milk teas, bold Vietnamese espressos & blended coffees, and real & exotic fruit smoothies captured the attention of the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Today, there are over 50 Bambu Shoppes located in 14 states. The founding sisters still actively manage three of our Shoppes in Northern California and one in Illinois providing us their unique dessert drink creations.

Our core menu has over 80 drinks to select from and many of our Shoppes have crafted and serve their own local seasonal drink and dessert specialties. But what Bambu’s loyal customers like the most is orderingtheir personalized drink "Just the Way You Love It" at no extra charge for items like extra jellies, pearls, choice of milk, less or more sweet. There is usually a small upcharge for extra pandan jelly, durian or substituting coconut milk with fresh coconut water.

We also love to provide drinks for office or birthday parties, weddings and graduations! And, most of our Shoppes take orders online or you can call in advance to avoid the long lines.

Visit your local Bambu's Facebook or Yelp page for Shoppe details.