Important Notice

After nearly one year of research, negotiating and execution, we launched our distribution system on Monday, April 17th. Over the next two months you will experience some bumps and probably have a few questions. Most importantly, trust that we put this system in place for you and only with your patience and input can make it better. Please identify the state your Shoppe is located below and follow those specific instructions. The Shoppes in states ordering from Kaleel Brothers or Saladino’s access to the current online ordering system is shut off.

Shoppes in IL, MA, MI, NJ, NY and PA please place your inventory orders with Kaleel Brothers: Order Now

Shoppes in FL, GA and MN need to contact Kaleel Brothers direct to place their orders. Please contact Christi Swift via email at or by phone at (330) 318-6319 to make arrangements.

Shoppes in CA, AZ, OR and NV place your inventory orders with Saladino’s: Order Now

Shoppes in CO, OK, TX and WA contact Darlene at Saladino’s Foodservice to place and coordinate their orders: or call (559) 256-6858.

Please contact Marc at if you have any questions or suggestions.