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Why Bambu?

all sorts of reasons
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become your boss

Our job is to help to make sure you open your Bambu Shoppe right. As a Bambu Franchisee you manage your business the way you want as long as you provide a consistent, quality product & great customer service.

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great flexibility

To better respond to your local competition and meet your customer’s needs, Bambu gives you flexibility over your Shoppe’s look & feel, hiring, and local advertising and promotional items.

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superior product

We prepare authentic Vietnamese inspired drinks with 100% natural gluten-free ingredients served in a fun environment helping to create a very loyal and organic growing customer base. Lots of stores serve boba teas and smoothies, we serve great Chè, quality teas, smooothies, and authentic Vietnamese coffees.

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hands-on training

Bambu has a comprehensive corporate and in-Shoppe training program. Certified team leaders become masters at preparing the ingredients and creating Bambu chè, teas, coffees, juices and smoothies.

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on-site support

We will be at your Bambu prior to and during the initial opening, showing you how to efficiently organize your Shoppe, greet first-time customers, prepare and serve all of the Bambu drinks, and even teach you a few short-cuts.

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Proven success

Bambu’s fees are relatively low and fixed, so you only pay a fixed monthly royalty & marketing fee after you open, rather than a percentage of your monthly revenue like almost all of our franchise competitors. High-traffic Shoppe locations can calculate their return on investment in months versus years.

am i qualified?

Not only are we discerning and passionate about what goes into our drinks, but we are also discerning and passionate about our franchisee partnerships. Simply put, we want the right fit. At Bambu, we believe successful Shoppes are built upon a strong franchiser and franchisee relationship.

As such, there are a few traits that we hold near and dear to our hearts when considering potential partners, and some corresponding questions we will be asking our prospective franchisees to answer in detail. We realize our franchisees come from very diverse backgrounds, ages, and reasons for owning a Bambu. In some cases, you may be the active manager, and in other cases, it may be someone in your organization or who you hire to make Bambu a reality.

where are the new franchises available?

There are currently over 80 Bambu Shoppes open or opening soon in the United States, Canada and the Philippines. We are looking to continue our expansion across the US and Canada and multiple international cities. Keep in mind that every franchise comes with a protected territory which varies based on location and population density, so there are a number of cities where we can no longer accept applications for. Once you qualify as a Franchisee and sign our Franchise Agreement, you can lock-up an area—giving you the necessary time to find the right high-traffic location.

what's the process?


Submit franchisee application

Complete and submit a confidential franchisee application by clicking here.


review federal disclosure

Along with your approval letter we send our FDD and a Non Disclosure Agreement. When you sign, date & return the FDD Receipt page and the Non Disclosure, the process begins.


Form your company

Form the legal entity that owns your Bambu, “LLC or corporation”in the state your Shoppe is located.


Get your federal ein

You need a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) to open a bank account and get a business license. Register online here.


Open your company bank account

Bring your company formation documents including a certificate of good standing, a copy of your EIN, and personal ID to your local business bank. 

IMPORTANT: Do Not Open a Merchant Services Account. BAMBU has a recommended solution.


COMPlete the ownership information form

We need your company’s ownership, including names, percentage ownership, addresses, email and mobile phone to prepare your personalized franchise aggreement. You will be supplied the Confidential Business Information form.


review your personalized franchise agreement

Read this document in its entirety before signing. Contact Marc Geman with any questions you or your advisor, if you use one, may have at


digitally sign the agreement

Once you get give us the thumbs up, Marc will send you a copy of the agreement package via DocuSign for your signatures.


pay your franchise fee

The last step to becoming a franchisee is to bank wire your first Bambu installment. This can be done online or at your company’s bank.

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