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About us

In 2008, four Vietnamese sisters – Anh, Kelly, Jenny & Julie – opened their first Bambu Shoppe in the heart of the Vietnamese community in San Jose, California. Their exceptionally friendly service and large menu of fresh, healthy, and authentic Chè dessert drinks, crisp boba milk teas, signature Vietnamese coffees, real fruit smoothies and exotic juices captured the attention of the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Today, there are over 65 Bambu Shoppes located in 27 states, Canada, and the Philippines. Two of the founding sisters still actively manage their Shoppes in Northern California and Illinois while continuing to deliver a great customer experience and serving their one of kind unique and 100% vegetarian drinks “Just the way you love it.”


Bambū’s drink recipes have been market tested and embraced by customers of all ages and ethnicity. Repeat customers especially enjoy the opportunity to create their own version of their favorite drink by mixing different combinations of ingredients of their choice. Our colorful, vibrant drinks have generated thousands of social media images. Like none other, every Bambū Shoppe has its own commercial kitchen giving us the ability to prepare vegan-friendly ingredients, from fresh taro to five different beans, every day. And “yes”, as part of our daily ritual, collectively we cut, drain and remove the coconut from thousands of fresh young Thai coconuts every week providing our customers with an amazing Chèlicious experience.

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